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You can contact us by submitting a question using the sites contact form, by phone, via email atĀ or through our official Facebook page Just MG-R’s.

We aim to respond within 24 hours.

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Just MGR’s is located atĀ Firsdale Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Leigh in Greater Manchester.

You are more than welcome to pay us a visit during working hours or by prior arrangement. We’d appreciate it if you
gave us a call first if you’re planning a visit, as there are times when we are out collecting or delivering stock.

Also please be aware that the unit is an active workshop containing cars and parts in various states of repair and cleanliness. That means so lots of oil, grease, rust and car parts to either dirty your clothing or hurt yourself on!

There is, however, an office upstairs with a comfy sofa and a kettle, so visitors are always welcome for a brew and a chat,
workload allowing!

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opening times

Mon – Fri 10am till 6pm
Sat – Sun by appointment only